Tuesday, 30 September 2014

25 Motif Challenge Completion

These next 5 samples are the last of my first 25 motif challenge.  What a journey I have had, I have tried to learn some new techniques along the way. I have seen some lovely samples from other tatters on Sharon's 25 Motif Challenge Blog, thanks for sharing all your work.

My thanks go to Marilee Rockley on Craftsy for my introduction to shuttle tatting. I started her class a while ago and then started running before I could walk, so it is now time to go back to the class and complete it.

Sample 21

Elizabeth has updated her pattern.  I made this motif in New Zealand at the beginning of this year using Caron Collection thread on a small skein named Wildflowers in colour 043 Aurora, which is made in the USA.  I found this thread fluffs a little, but I think the colour makes the design look antique, and a little Victorian looking.
Sample 22

Sarah's Heart is designed by Teri Dusenbury and I bought this pattern as an e-book for my ipad and it was my first introduction to frontside/backside tatting.  (I became very confused when I started, but really liked the concept, very similar idea to Jan Stawasz's method, please correct me if that is not the case) I made this heart in Lizbeth thread no 10 col 154 Wildflower Garden. I like the neatness of frontside/backside tatting and try to do it on new projects.

Sample 23

Lene Bjorn's Third Day of December snowflake  above is from her book entitled 24 Snowflakes in Tatting. This particular design was made in Lizbeth thread no 40 colour 115 Springtime.  It was a nice design to tat, I finished it quite quickly (for me anyway as I am quite a slow tatter).
Sample 24 

This clasp design is yet another motif by Jan Stawasz from his Tatted Treasures book, made in Chameleon embroidery thread  from South Africa.  I bought this thread in New Zealand in a beautiful craft shop called Ribbon Rose which sold everything for knitting, crochet, beads, embroidery, cross stitch etc. A shop you could spend all day in.  These come in small skeins and is a perle 12 thickness, the colour I used was Copper Kiss col no 151.

Sample 25

This is my last design of my first 25 Motif Challenge.  I'm guessing it won't be the last.  Might have a break and start again in the New Year.
Jan Stawasz designed this motif, and it is found in his Tatted Treasures Book.  Made in 40 Lizbeth thread col 115 Springtime. I just love the colours of Lizbeth threads.
I am now going to try to tat the big doily of Jan's which is in progress on In Tatters . I am hoping to start as soon as I get the pattern. I am planning to do this in a pale cream colour. My Polish friend Krystyna has obtained a copy for me from Poland and it is on its way.


  1. Oh, everything is so very beautiful!!! I love the top motif and agree that the colors give it a Victorian look! :)
    The heart is gorgeous!! :)
    That snowflake is my favorite and I bought the book to tat it and tried one time and failed. I will have to try again! Yours is so beautiful!!! :)
    Your Stawasz motifs are wonderful and such great colors!!! :)

  2. Well done! My preferred, it is the snowflake.